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Welcome aboard, tolerance heroes

World Tolerance Awards & Prize is part of a big festival group, the International Film Festivals. Working closely with the Council of Creative People (Dewan Kreatif Rakyat) and International I-Hebat Volunteers, we strive to give recognition to people, who work and dedicate his/her life for tolerance. He/she could be anyone from any kind of profession, from all age, and from any parts of the world. May it be an ordinary man/female or a nation leader. We value hard works labored for tolerance, equality, peace and humanity.

Our mission is to promote tolerance. Tolerance towards our neighbors, towards different religions, different political views, tolerance towards the environment. Winning person profile will become our showcase based on their CVs.
The Festival Group prominent past winners include President Jimmy Carter, John Pope II, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, and many Hollywood stars: Alice Krige, Robin Shou, Dennis Rodman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Academy Award Winner Susan Sarandon, Martin Sheen, James Cromwell, David Anders, Julian Sands, Pearl Jam, U2, etc.
We receive submissions from all over the world.